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An Exelent wine tasting night

An Exelent wine tasting night I was again invited by the good folks at Exel Wines, to a tasting night, this time, no whiskies but grand wines, I had no hesitation in accepting. The usual suspects arrived and the glamour girls (staff) Denise and Keron were on hand as our hosts.  I do enjoy [...]

March 19th, 2019|Uncategorized|

Why would you book a tour with us?

Why would you book a tour with us? Here are a few of the comments and feedback we receive … Appreciate you going above and beyond! Paul and Liz are the very best at what they do! They planned an amazing trip for us way back in 2007. We sent two winners to from [...]

March 4th, 2019|Tours of Scotland|

Mote Church (Stormont Mausoleum)

Mote Church (Stormont Mausoleum) "Boothill" is thought to be a corruption of 'Moothill'. The Gaelic name is 'Tom-a-mhoid'. The hill is also said to have been called, 'Collis Credulitatis' - 'the Hill of Belief' - and 'Omnis Terra' - 'Everyman's Land,' - and to have been been connected with the coronation ceremonies which took [...]

February 25th, 2019|History|

The Aftermath of Culloden

The Aftermath of Culloden - and the English/Germans called the Scots savages! Culloden, April 1746.  Written by  Robert Forbes who witnessed the Battle " But the most shocking part of the story is yet to come, - I mean the horrid barbarities committed in cold blood, after the battle was over. I do not know [...]

February 19th, 2019|History, Uncategorized|

A blether into history

Scottishness and memories from years back I’m away from the usual blog/story/interview here, to drivel on about some memories you may wish to share – or not. Casting my mind back several years – well many in fact – now and then I hung oot with a Priest, a good Celtic supporter. One day we [...]

February 11th, 2019|Uncategorized|

The Battle of Glen Trool

The Battle of Glen Trool was an engagement in the Rebellion, fought in April 1307. Glen Trool is a narrow glen in the southern uplands of Galloway, Scotland. Loch Trool is aligned on an east west axis and is flanked on both sides by steep rising hills, making it ideal for an ambush. Robert [...]

February 8th, 2019|History, Uncategorized|

RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Assocation

You never know when you need saving! Here at MCLEANSCOTLAND we know what it means to be safe and sound, like many of us do but our tours cover all  Scotland and Ireland, especially the coastal regions where mishaps can happen. This is why we support the RNLI – the lifeboats. The crews do NOT get [...]

February 6th, 2019|Uncategorized|

The beautiful and flexible Haggis

The beautiful and flexible Haggis THE FANTASTIC HAGGIS NEEPS & TATTIES a true Scottish extravaganza on a plate. I am an expert, having eaten maybe a half ton in my life (guessing here), with more to follow. One of my favourites is Simon Howie haggis  made from traditional recipe by award winning chefs and butchers. Their original 454g Haggis [...]

January 22nd, 2019|Food and drink|

Wallace & the Battle of Black Earnside – Perthshire

Wallace & the Battle of Black Earnside - Perthshire One of the lesser known battles of the War of Independance (Scotland against the English aggressors) took place in the neighbourhood of Newburgh/Lindores Abbey (approx. 11 miles from Perth where I live just now), within the 'Forest of Irnsyde'. Historians find difficulty in reconciling the [...]

January 21st, 2019|History, Uncategorized|

Bonnie lad beats English at Culloden

Bonnie lad beats English at Culloden What if? Battle of Culloden The Scottish people (Scots: Scots Fowk; Scottish Gaelic: Albannaich) or Scots, are a nation and ethnic group native to Scotland. Historically, they emerged from an amalgamation of two Celtic-speaking peoples, the Picts and Gaels, who founded the Kingdom of Scotland (or Alba) in [...]

January 14th, 2019|Uncategorized|