Macleans rule the world

Here are just a few famous Macleans of various spellings. There are many thousands of us scattered all over the globe, some famous, some memorable, some we would rather forget. Clan Maclean: descended from Gilleain-nan-Tuagh (Gillian of the Battle Axe), a descendant of the Kings of Dalriada. Gillian fought against King Haakon of Norway at [...]

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Scottish slang – go on try it!

I was oot the other day, the grub at the pub was; ‘well tidy scran’ The great Scottish words and phrases you may need some help with, especially if you are coming on tour with us, some can leave folks wondering, some are – well, just funny. Get tae  -  just simply utter ‘get tae’ [...]

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Paul McLean invited to the Whitehouse Would you just look at those fine examples of Scottish seafood and veg, all local by the way. That’s the Isle of Mull in the background, all you see here is Maclean country! Well he played his trump card, a special invitation he couldnee resist. Paul likes his [...]

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THE STONE AT KINTRAW – THE FAIRY HILL The prehistoric landscape here includes a large cairn (badly robbed of its' stones), a kerbed cairn excavated in 1959-60 and shown to contain a cist and a 4m high standing stone. This stone had been leaning and finally fell over in March 1979. An excavation of [...]

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The Battle of Altimarlach

The Battle of Altimarlach A delve into Scottish history through the eyes of Paul McLean.  Here we go again with more clan disputes in Scotland.  This time – for a change – the Campbell’s are involved, shock!  The 13th of July, 1680 saw the last significant clan battle to be fought in Scotland, with the [...]

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An Exelent wine tasting night

An Exelent wine tasting night I was again invited by the good folks at Exel Wines, to a tasting night, this time, no whiskies but grand wines, I had no hesitation in accepting. The usual suspects arrived and the glamour girls (staff) Denise and Keron were on hand as our hosts.  I do enjoy [...]

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The Aftermath of Culloden

The Aftermath of Culloden - and the English/Germans called the Scots savages! Culloden, April 1746.  Written by  Robert Forbes who witnessed the Battle " But the most shocking part of the story is yet to come, - I mean the horrid barbarities committed in cold blood, after the battle was over. I do not know [...]

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A blether into history

Scottishness and memories from years back I’m away from the usual blog/story/interview here, to drivel on about some memories you may wish to share – or not. Casting my mind back several years – well many in fact – now and then I hung oot with a Priest, a good Celtic supporter. One day we [...]

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The Battle of Glen Trool

The Battle of Glen Trool was an engagement in the Rebellion, fought in April 1307. Glen Trool is a narrow glen in the southern uplands of Galloway, Scotland. Loch Trool is aligned on an east west axis and is flanked on both sides by steep rising hills, making it ideal for an ambush. Robert [...]

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RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Assocation

You never know when you need saving! Here at MCLEANSCOTLAND we know what it means to be safe and sound, like many of us do but our tours cover all  Scotland and Ireland, especially the coastal regions where mishaps can happen. This is why we support the RNLI – the lifeboats. The crews do NOT get [...]

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