Oban, on the beautiful west

Born near the Little Bay Oban OH-bən; not oh-BAN which a lot of people pronounce it as.  An t-Òban in Scottish Gaelic meaning The Little Bay, is a town in Argyll and Bute. Despite its' small size, it is the largest town between Helensburgh and Fort William. During the tourist season, the town can hold [...]

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Vikings on Loch Lomond

Vikings on Loch Lomond Not as daft as it first seems, Loch Lomond is an INLAND loch, so what were Vikings doing there?  More to the point, how did they get there? And aye, they caused bloody mahem. The Vikings in Strathclyde: The Hidden Heritage project commissioned a report by Dr. Elizabeth Pierce (Glasgow [...]

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Clan Mackay – an ancient, powerful Clan

Clan Mackay Clan Mackay (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Mhic Aoidh, pronounced Mak Eye) is an ancient and once-powerful Highland Scottish clan from the Scottish Highlands, with roots in the old kingdom of Moray. They supported Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century. In the centuries that followed they were [...]

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Oronsay, the smallest island in Scotland

Ancient history, clans and wildlife, on Oronsay, the smallest island in Scotland Oronsay has furnished archaeologists with invaluable information about the Mesolithic period of prehistory, particularly about the diet of human beings for years. Three middens (waste tips) opened in the 1880s and have provided a piece of bone carbon-dated to 4600 BC and [...]

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James Bond

Will the real James Bond please stand up? Sir Fitzroy Hew Royle Maclean, 1st Baronet, KT, CBE (1911 – 1996) was a Scottish soldier, writer and politician and was one of only two men who during the Second World War enlisted in the British Army as a Private and rose to the rank of Brigadier, [...]

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An age to discover Scotland

Are you ready for this?  It may freak you out, and contrary to what Liz may say, I wasnee around then.  During the Devonian period (419 – 359 million years ago), Scotland lay south of the equator. Scotland was all above sea level and was in parts very mountainous. The Devonian saw the final stages [...]

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Connel on the west coast of Scotland

Connel – the centre of the world. The thing you cannee miss in the village is Connel Bridge, a cantilever bridge that spans Loch Etive at the Falls of Lora. It was built to carry the Callander and Oban railway's branch line to Ballachulish that opened in 1903. Apart from the bridge, there is a [...]

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Massacre of Scottish Clans

MACGREGORS AND COLQUOUN  Fought near Loch Lomond in 1603, the Battle of Glen Fruin left at least 140 men dead and led to an unparalleled punishment against the MacGregors, with their name banned in Scotland for a total of 150 years. The battle was supposedly fought on a large flat piece of ground near Auchingaich [...]

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The Romans in Glasgow

After a few excellent Scottish whisky drams, drift back a few thousand years, allow yourself to look out over the hills of Bar Hill Roman Fort. Today only a few stones are remaining, of this ancient fortification on the Antonine Wall. Unlike its stone-built southern neighbour, Hadrian’s Wall, the rampart of the Antonine Wall was constructed [...]

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Scotland’s wee isles – TIREE

A first in a series of our wee isles. One wee island in the Inner Hebrides, Tiree is twenty-two miles west of the nearest point on the Scottish mainland, Ardnamurchan. The same latitude as southern Alaska and same longitude as the border between Spain/Portugal,  just over ten miles long, five miles wide and  half a [...]

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