Maclean Clan Gathering, Isle of Mull, Scotland, June 2017

Duart Castle, Isle of Mull - June 20th to June 25th 2017 The Clan are to gather again next year (2017) over on Mull, a 45 minute sail from where I was born (Connel) and it should be another great time for all Maclean’s. Liz and I have attended the last 4 gatherings and [...]

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Scottish tour – Panning for Gold in Caithness, northern Scotland

Correct! I was staying with my friends Ian and Elaine in Wick recently taking a tour. I was there to give a whisky  tasting at the local hotel, 28 people with 8 drams each, that’s another story. Whilst there, Ian and I always drive off wandering the local countryside of Caithness and Sutherland, this particular [...]

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The gatherings of Clan Maclean

A Clan story by Paul McLean, Connel, Scotland. Clan History: The Maclean clan is one of the oldest of all highland clans famed throughout history for great fighting skills of its warriors. For centuries they lived by the sword.  According to historical sources, the founder of the Maclean clan was Gilleain na Tuaighe [...]

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A half day sail off the west coast of Scotland

There were seven of us on the half day of sailing tour; Liz, Barry, Julie, Dennis, Lois, Jenny and myself. Jenny (aka the Jenny Wren) was our transport and Barry the “driver”. We set off from Craobh Marina, a stunning location on the west of Scotland and just a 30-minute drive from Oban. [...]

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A Scottish food Blog to open your mooth!

Think of Scotland, think rolling hills, rugged mountains, vast heather moors, loch and glens … I could go on (and on, and on) but something you may not know – is how fantastic our food is! We are surrounded by water, have superb fruit and vegetables, succulent Scottish lamb, venison, beef and poultry – just for starters. [...]

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A bit of Scottish History

Dalriada – the early Scots DALRIADA. This is where "modern" history began. With history from the time of Moses, intermingled with legends such as St. Patrick and St. Columba, Dalriada was first the name for the land in Northern Ireland . Founded by Cairbre Riadia who settled in this area and later, the name [...]

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Edinburgh 2-Day Tour

The Edinburgh two day trip : April 2016 Ingleston Showground hosted the annual VisitScotland Expo – for tour operators, hotels, attractions and all things to do with tourism.  As Liz had pre registered we thought there would be no bother on arrival, wrong, its VS we are talking about here! After a ten minute delay [...]

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MacLean Gathering – June 2017

We’ve been taking guests to Maclean lands and gatherings for over 20 years and would be delighted to design a personal tour for you to attend the Clan Maclean Gathering 2017.  Paul is a McLean and Liz married into the Rankin’s, so it’s understandable we know the area really well.  If you are a return [...]

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Planning a tour of Scotland?

Are you wanting to tour Scotland but don't know where to start? It can be a bit daunting, planning that group or family tour to place you may not have been to. Which hotels to use, where to visit, how long to stay in one place - a long list of variables makes planning [...]

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Fishing in Scotland

Fishing in Scotland? We arrange fishing tours, weekends, week long trips and longer! Bespoke fishing trips, we have experts ready to assist on rivers, lochs and sea! We arrange transport, accommodation and fishing! Learn fly fishing No experience needed. We provide fishing tackle, permits, access, Wellies, transport and an expert to teach you! Sea fishing. Scotland’s [...]

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