Pipe Bands

We assist visiting pipe bands with coach travel and accommodation while visiting Scotland, from a week to a month. If you wish to experience pipe bands playing as a part of your Scottish tour, why not take in The “Worlds” in Glasgow – 10,000 pipers & drummers. We are here to help you. Some of the bands we’ve been privileged to host include: The Glanoria Pipes and Drums, Switzerland, The Saffron Kilts, USA, St. Patricks Battalion, Mexico, New York Metro, USA, Mesa Caledonian, USA, Transvaal Pipeband, South Africa, Dartmouth & District, Canada.

Hi Paul, The Dartmouth and District Pipe Band is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year and we are going to wrap up our celebrations in style at the World Pipe Band Championship this summer. We hired our coach from you in 2012 and we were very pleased with everything especially our driver Jim who we loved! We would like to book again, there is a possibility we might need two coaches for the games. Warmest regards,

Cathie Caldwell.