Are you wanting to tour Scotland but don’t know where to start?

It can be a bit daunting, planning that group or family tour to place you may not have been to. Which hotels to use, where to visit, how long to stay in one place – a long list of variables makes planning it a bit of a challenge. If you’re planning to tour Scotand by car, you have the choice of doing the driving yourself or getting your own personal driver guide. Both have their advantages, and both can be improved through input from someone who is local to the area. Of course, you’ll need to decide on what it is that you want to focus on when you visit Scotland.

Scottish countryside

Some of the top Scottish attractions include:

  • Castles & heritage sites
  • Art Galleries & Museums
  • Beautiful architecture
  • Nature
  • The stunning Lochs – though we can’t promise you’ll see the monster
  • Coastal islands and boat tours
  • Superb golf courses
  • Mysterious locations like Rosslyn Chapel & Pre-historic Villages

Having 20 years of experience arranging tours for families, groups and businesses, we’ve come to appreciate some of the wonderful sights and experiences to be had in Scotland and Ireland. The jaw-dropping settings have been backdrops to countless films and movies – and you’ll see why when you stand before them. The main attractions are very well catered for with all the facilities you could need, other smaller and more hidden visitor gems are bit more rustic. It all depends on what you’d like to see. We cater for all group sizes and interests – and can tailor bespoke tours or you can join some of our regular favourites. You’ll see so much more of Scotland and if you take up the offer of a driver/guide you’ll get even more!

We know the best spots for local dishes like Black Pudding and Haggis. We can shed light on the myths and legends of the Scots and give you a real feel for our historic past and current heritage. You’ll also get to know some of the friendly locals too. We have guests from the USA, Canada, Slovenia and even Russia. In fact, we’ve had guests from pretty much everywhere on the globe. What they’ve all had in common is their new love for all things Scottish, and many have made friends with the Scots.

Driving yourself around the bend

Driver Guided or Escorted Tours – With distilleries and plenty of fine beverages on offer, you can let your hair down and enjoy a tipple by getting a driver guide or escort for your trip. Not only will your driver get you there faster, it’s also a lot less stress on you and the group – and no one has to ‘sit on the bench’ during the day or night activities. You can sample whiskys and drams, enjoy the music and food – and not have to worry about who is going to drive. We sort out everything.

If there are particular places you definitely want to visit, be they castles or historic sites, we can mix those into an exciting blend with some other destinations that are both fascinating and rich in history. There is just so much to choose from. Of course, we also give you a bit of time to visit the local gift shops for some Scottish souvenirs for the family and friends. If you are unsure of what places to see, we have a stack of great places we can take you to – you don’t need to plan a thing. We also sort out your accommodation.

Freedom of the open road

Driving Yourself Tours – If you want the option of changing your minds on where you go on a daily basis, and want a bit more freedom – then a self-drive tour may be the best choice. Even if that is the choice to just chill out at one of the heritage sites and take it all in. We have helped arranged numerous self-drive holiday trips and provide beautifully detailed guides and itineraries to give a framework for your visit. We want you to get the best flavour of Scotland and can help you see the sights you want to.

Packing for Scotland

Camster cairns Caithness ScotlandAh the Scottish weather! There have been a lot of comments about the weather in Scotland as it can vary quite a bit. Packing for a visit means you just need to be a little broader in your approach. In one day, you may be warm and then cold, and very possibly wet.

Generally, packing a mac or waterproof is a sensible idea regardless of the time of year as we can enjoy rain at any time.

Summers can be fairly warms but winter is most definitely a time to wrap up warm so make sure you bring a few layers to wear.

  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must too as you can clock up a reasonable amount of mileage during the visit
  • Rucksack or bag – this to hold your raincoat and jumper. This can be left in the vehicle but available if the weather changes
  • Camera – most phones are great for this and you’ll always have them on you. Be sure to bring a charger.
  • Medication – while we do have great medical facilities in Scotland, be sure to bring along any medication you require.

Whichever you choose, escorted or self drive, we wish you a warm and friendly reception on your travels round our beautiful country. If you’re interested in focusing on the distilleries and Scotch side of Scotland, visit our sister site for news on our Whisky Tours.