Whilst staying in Oban, this may be an idea for a day out. Head towards Ft William. Driving from Creagan, take the first roundabout to your left and along the old part of the A828 (Creagan Loop) keeping the water on your right. Before you go over the bridge at the head of Loch Creran take the single track road (straight on) and keep going for 3 miles where you’ll eventually come to the end of the road and reach the Glen Ure gates. Park outside the gates in the car park and walk up the Forestry Commission designated path (on the other side of the road) towards the viewpoint of Glen Ure keeping the road you’ve just come up on your left. Just as you’re about to turn back on yourself you’ll see a small overgrown deer path which goes over a small burn (walking boots may be needed). Take this small overgrown path and walk about five minutes and you’ll discover the Fairy Bridge. A 1.5 hour walk and some 2.5 miles, sometimes hard goin. Walk to Fas na Cloiche and the Fairy Bridge is deep in the hills at the head of Loch Creran, which is basically the arse end of Glencoe, it’s worth it. Follow the Pine Marten Trail. The bridge is a small thing, stones forming an arch over a narrow but fresh river. Along the bridge’s edges stand a series of stones like a crown of some nature spirit. This is where you can just lose yourself, dinnae take any substances, it’s weird enough here, say hello to the fairies.