An uncertain future following the UK vote to leave the European Union with an 8% fall in sterling against the dollar, gives US travellers to Scotland the lowest priced Pound for as long as I can remember. So what are we saying? That if you have plans to travel to Scotland with us this year, or even next year, think about the benefits of paying a chunk (or all) of the cost now whilst the pound is low against the Dollar. Flights to the UK just became much cheaper for Australian travellers after Britain sensationally voted to leave the European Union. The pound plunged against all currencies as the result was confirmed on Friday, leaving flight prices at long time low levels. For anyone who has been thinking about visiting Scotland, travel agents have advice: Go now. “In the short term, tourists will get an better value now than they have in decades,” Jack Ezon, luxury travel agency Ovation Vacations. “There is no better time to visit the U.K.,” Ezon said. “Prices are now 10 to 15 percent lower than last week and 30 percent lower than two years ago. Go now — and go for that better room whilst you can afford it.

Whilst the U.K. market currently only represents 10%of WOW Air’s business, the Icelandic discount carrier has been expanding the number of U.S. cities it serves with rock-bottom (sometimes $199 one-way — fares to Europe). “Market uncertainties have also put pressure on oil prices, which we think remain in the current range for some time,” said Skuli Mogensen, WOW Air founder. That’s “allowing us to continue to offer these great fares.” The day after the Brexit vote, we saw airfares to London for fall travel reduced to $500 round-trip.

So, think about it, visiting scotland will be the lowest in years perhaps.

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For the best travel advice to scotland, use a local tour company  – simple advice and true.

At MCLEANSCOTLAND we do not arrange air travel but once here, you are taken care of as if you were family. Luxury or not, we take care of all your needs: accommodations, ferries, transport – from the moment you arrive to the moment you fly home, we take care of you.
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