This is not just a blog, it is a lifestyle!  A tour of Oban & Mull.

Being hatched just along the road fae Oban in Connel, I have a great understanding of the west coast, especially Oban and Mull. Born in Connel, baby-napped at an early age to Liverpool, I always have a pull to drag me home. Setting out from Perth where I now live, it is a very scenic two hour drive, through wonderful glens, passing lochs, coast and the occasional pub (he laughs).  It is very hard not to stop every half hour or so, but – I venture on, all for the sake of tourism you understand. Passing through Crieff, I know a very good grocer, who sells cheeses and a blooming grand selection of whiskies. From here passing by Glenturret Distillery –  en route to a wee stop for a burger in one of my favourites stops. He also sells banjo burgers (burger with a fried egg, when you bite it, it runs down your shirt and your hand immediately does the banjo thing!) and a cuppa tea.


Rested, fed and watered on I go, doon the glens to my next stop, The Green Welly Shop.  Gifts, food, drinks etc etc and, a good whisky shop with samples given oot, not me, am still driving. Wonderful scenery as I turn left at the Glencoe fork in the road, along the Beatles road – it’s long and winding. This takes me to Connel, a stop here at the Falls of Laura, the Oyster Bar, before a few more miles to Oban. Park up and donder aboot on foot. There are two good whisky shops here, plus of course the Oban Distillery. A few pubs I regularly haunt, check into my accoms and set out for food, usually seafood, one or three places I know well. A good night is assured.

Oban sunset

Next morning after breakfast I catch to ferry to Mull – the Isle of. A 45 minute sail, passing my castle; Duart and landing at Craignure. From here along the road towards Tobermory.  I have a date here with Macgochans pub, owned by a friend, great plates of food and a serious collection of whiskies. Neil usually has live music on and a special darts board, it calculates the score for you! Great for numpty’s like me. A wander over to Tobermory Distillery (two minutes) and chat with the staff, what’s new? Normally I cannee come away without a bottle! Some shopping, in my favourite shop, you can buy a bottle of whisky, a banjo, a book, maps, toys, hammers, nails etc etc even a dinosaur bone! Drinkies then bed.

Tobermory, isle of Mull

Day three, a drive around the island starting with Calgary, fab driving on wee roads/tracks. A good day out on Mull, a few stops for photos, well many actually, then back to Tobermory for another night, tonight into Cafe Fish for my tea, fabulous seafood. That was a good day, rounded off by drinkies in the Mishnish. Day four, away home, same road but going the other way – as you do, still great scenery, home, bags in, cuppa tea, some work then to Christies pub. Now that is what I call a grand weekend!


Bottle of Tobermory Whisky in Tobermory, isle of Mull