Aye, June 2023 the clan will come together on the Isle of Mull, west coast Scotland. Here at MCLEANSCOTLAND it will be our 6th Gathering. Over the years we have worked with many hundreds of Maclean’s of all spelling, June 2023 will hopefully be a grand gather, weather permitting! Scotland’s west coast is notorious for 4 seasons in one day, let us hope for a nice day on the Saturday.

Not many of our guests really understand how hard this can be for us, going back 25 years or so, we had a large coach; almost all on board were Macleans, can you imagine; trying to source who sent what money and, imagine our hotel room list … mostly Maclean, it was a hard task, thankfully with the help of Liz, it was all sorted oot! I do remember one gathering, we stayed at the Isle of Mull hotel, many of us were in the lobby waiting for the coach, the manager came oot; “telephone call for Mr Maclean” you can imagine the stampede.

Those days have passed, we no longer have the 48 seat coach, next year we have limited it to 24 seats, much more manageable. We are also governed by the number of bedrooms we can get, aye,  anyone who has been to Tobermory can understand. So for 2023, we have a smaller coach, plus five nine seat vans, all with a driver guide, the coach will be hosted by Liz and Paul (myself). At the moment of writing we have a few seats on the coach remaining, if you want one, be quick!

Each of our guests (couples or singles) will receive a souvenir magazine, this will also be available to other Maclean’s in the week who ask for a copy, there will be a charge – we do gift to the RNLI (lifeboats). We expect to see familiar faces, unfortunately, our faces are well known around the Maclean world! We will have our drivers etc and aye, we will be sharing a drink or three, although we are all actively working, we need time off. All our guests will be spread around Tobermory.  Our website shows the coach plan;

We have many memories from past gatherings, from a sad case of a lady needing a doctor (she was ok), to enjoying drams with our pal Charlie Maclean. At the end of the tours we will all be tired and needing a rest, too many Maclean’s in one place! Personally I recall my monthly meetings with a grand old lady, Detta Maclean fae Mull, she inducted me as a life member many moons ago, fond memories. Aye, we are also on first name terms with our Chief – even though a few years back he thought I had passed away! I am still here, rumours of my death were misjudged. I am now older & slower, still a McLean – thanks dad.

Over these gatherings, many of my good friends are no longer here, Billy Macgregor was a delight to hang oot with, Colin our first coach driver and pal, listed missing, a buddy; Duncan, known as Duncan Disorderly, he did like a drink. But on a happier note, I cannee see many Campbell’s being on Mull at the time, the “crooked mouth” clan will stay away. So, we are waiting to welcome all our guests and start the tours in Glasgow – Weegie land!